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Youtube tutorials 4 u Intro

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Im boaaareeed

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how to make a youtube intro 2013


How to make a automatic gate with day/night sensor

Combined part 1 and part 2 :D this is from ACTENNISAC check out his channel Im sad because you guys dont go on my channel..................But still :D.
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How to make a subscribe link and subscribe button on youtube

Made a tutorial for it. HOW TO MAKE A SUBSCRIBE LINK AND SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ON YOUTUBE FOR DUMMIES, lel sorry........But still :D like comment subscribe

Minecraft sp and Xray M00000ood

lel i was doing this on minecraftSP, i dont have a minecraft account yet XD. but stil.................HAPPY :D
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i Messed up on this one

I messed up on this one. im such a noob xD. But Still :D like comment and subscribe

Optifine best settings, how to install it,and less laggier

Less Laggier it works. 100+fps you can also go on task manager then application then right click minecraft then click go to process, u can see theirs java so right click java and then click set priority> then set it to hight, DONT SET IT TO REALTIME........ but still :D
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sad Memories :(

This is 1.3.2 i remember when i was a noob and i was using this on single player :D i remember it when i was playing with my brother.
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Dont need it anymore

This Video has been fixed now :D
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Phineas and Ferb: MISSION MARVEL full video......... JUST KIDDING

Lel I found this while i was watching Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel.
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How to send someone a message on youtube

Some people doesn't know how to send someone a  message on youtube so i made a tutorial
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How to see your inbox on youtube

some people don't know how to see their inbox on youtube because the new layouts and stuff so i made a tutorial! like, comment, subscribe!!!

How to make a video on 3ds, HD!!!!! OR HIGH QUALITY, OR HIGH DEFINITION, OR 1080P, OR ---->3D!!!<----JK

This is my latest video hope you like it!!!!


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